Dr. Higgins was an early aerospace technologist at NASA starting Feb 1962. He initiated the first global solar patrol station network, served in the Mission Control Center as console leader for Space Environment and was Section Head, Radiation Analysis.

Peter (in back behind Bill) with Pete Conrad and Bill Anders (both went to the moon)

Peter was then Section Head, Radiation Analysis. This meeting concerned planning Conrad's high altitude orbit. Bill Ander's was Pete's backup and was the astronaut assigned to monitor my section.

Later he designed an acoustic doppler air turbulence system for Denver's Stapleton airport funded by NOAA. His PhD research dealt with using insonified two phase bubble physics for microchannel cooling.

Peter served as chief engineer of a marine aids to navigation company, and has 4 US marine equipment patents. One of these patents is for underwater lighted aids synchronization used on the Suez Canal.

Card sent by Suez Canal Chief Engineer Badawi to Peter for coming to the canal, on invitation, the day after hostilities ceased ( Yom Kippur War, 1973 ) to plan its navigational aids restoration needed because of war damage. This to include the synchronized canal channel lights floating on buoys, and the semaphore signalling towers.

He was vice president of a major scientific software company (gas pipeline operations for trans-Siberia Russian supply to Europe, Saudi-Arabian NGL operations), and was president of his own software company (cover story of Jan 9, 1989 Oil and Gas Journal).

In 1992 the family moved to France having sold ICOM. While in France Peter joined a small team of experts and wrote IT forecasting programs for Lucent/Avaya. For this, Peter received Lucent Technologies president's silver medal Innovation award.

Peter returned from France in 2005 and began teaching heat transfer at Metropolitan State University of Denver. During his teaching there, which spanned 2005-2013, he additionally taught thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, statics and CAD. Dr. Higgins remains Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Denver.

In Denver he joined the Civil Air Patrol (being a former glider pilot) advancing to External Aerospace Education Officer for the State of Colorado as well as assistant director of Communications and of Information Technology. In CAP he held the rank of captain, and completed (USAF) officer's training and the core courses for FEMA incidence command.

Peter in the club's Blanic glider

From Denver the family moved to St Petersburg, Fl, where Dr. Higgins was appointed (Courtesy) Research Associate at the College of Marine Science, University of South Florida. For about one a year he reduced data from many of their tidal gauge stations to produce standard datums, wind studies related to El Nino index, and ocean chemistry plots.

Peter's family now resides in Brittany, France. Recently he was appointed 'Visiting Scholar' at Texas A&M University Galveston.


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